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IRCTC PNR Enquiry - Get an Instant Update on the Status of Your Reservation

PNR is an exclusive 10-digit numeral, printed on an individual ticket. Each ticket has a different PNR number. The PNR number gives you the status like whether your ticket is confirmed, on a waiting list (WL)....

IRCTC PNR Enquiry Provides You The Status Of Your Ticket

IRCTC, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways.  You can make the IRCTC PNR enquiry of your tickets on the website of IRCTC after booking your ticket.

IRCTC PNR Enquiry to Get the Status of Tickets

When you book a ticket, you may not always get a confirmed reservation. There are times when there is such a rush that you will have to book under RAC or Waiting List only.

IRCTC PNR – Lets You Know Status of Tickets

When you book tickets in Indian Railways, you may not always get a confirmed ticket. During the vacation times and the festival seasons there is a heavy rush in the trains.

IRCTC Tatkal - The Last Ray of Hope

It is common that people have a very busy schedule these days and it may not always be possible to plan a trip in advance. Sometimes there may be cases of emergency too when you are badly in need of a train ticket. This is when the IRCTC tatkal bookings come into play.

IRCTC Tatkal - Offering You Tickets On Emergency
Indian Railways through its subsidiary, IRCTC offers you the facility of Tatkal ticket booking, which can be done one day prior to the date of the journey.

Indian Railway Login – For Easy Booking of Railway Tickets

Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world, and most of the people in India prefer Indian Railways over any other mode of travel.